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Senior Project Engineer

Our Senior Project Engineers direct and lead the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) team on highly complex and specialized construction projects. They organize staff assignments and review and ensure compliance with policies, methods, procedures, programs, and client standards. The Senior Project Engineers are highly skilled, professional, and licensed engineers. Project tasks consist of such things as performing calculations, writing specifications, preparing bids, reviewing equipment proposals evaluating or selecting equipment and preparing various lists, such as equipment and materials lists, and creating drawings such as electrical, piping, and instrumentation diagrams, physical layouts and other drawings used in design and construction.

Project Administrator

Our Project Administrators organize the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) team members and specialize in facilitating, managing, reporting, and analyzing projects. Hey direct and assign specific tasks to inspectors and assist in all phases of the construction projects.

Contract Support Specialist

Our Contract Support Specialist is responsible for the Progress and Final Estimates throughout the construction project duration. They do this by using the FDOT Pay Item Tracking System and Site Manager. They are well versed in FDOT record-keeping by utilizing the Project Solve System. Also, tracking contract time, preparing supplemental agreements, work orders, overruns, and underruns explanations. Further expertise includes Engineering Menu, Materials MAC system, tracking quantities, and material certifications. 

Senior Inspector & Inspector

Our Inspector also ensures that the contractor adheres to city and state regulations as well as the contractor plans. They also perform verification testing of materials, create daily reports, and track pay item quantities.  These certifications coupled with years of field experience enable VIA Consulting Services, Inc. to provide its clients with quality construction oversight to ensure the project is built following the plans and specifications.

Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistants provide administrative support for the project team on various FDOT and local Municipal projects. They prepare and manage a file system for all project documentation including but not limited to email correspondence, various project logs, Word documents, and project plans. The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for uploading documents into different archiving systems such as FDOT’s Project Solve SharePoint.  The Administrative Assistant also supports the entire project staff and works closely with the Contract Support Specialist to help maintain and file all project-related documents for monthly Progress Estimates and all documentation related to the Final Estimate Package.

Inspector Aides

Our Inspector Trainees are in part of a specialized program to gain knowledge in Construction Engineering and Inspection with on-the-job and classroom training to prepare for the role of Inspector. The Inspector Trainee will work under direct supervision from the Inspector performing daily assigned inspection tasks which include plan reading, structure inspection, work zone traffic control, asphalt, and maintenance of traffic

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