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SIPS Deerwood - JEA Water Main

Project Write-up

This $30M project which includes the construction of 20,759 LF of 30” SIPS Water Main, 3,548 LF of 6” Water Main, 3,908 LF of 24” Raw Water Main, and 225 LF of 4” Force Main, and other associated water main branches through an urban residential area, the construction of 186 LF of 30” SIPS Water Main by Jack and Bore under a high traffic volume roadway, the abandonment of 2,176 LF of the existing water main by grout fill and the removal of 1,446 of the existing water main. The project also includes reconstruction of 3 lane miles of roadway subgrade, base, asphalt, construction of sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter, drainage pipes, and other roadway features.

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