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Main Street WTP 36” Water Transmission Main and 30” Raw Water Main

Project Write-up

This $14.5M project through the JEA’s continuing CEI contract which consists of 8,000 LF of a new 36” DIP water main and 3,000 LF of a new 30” DIP raw water main coming from the WTP along Main St. and continuing on 1st St. from Main St. and completing at the intersection of Beaver St. and Franklin St. The project also includes a combination of jack and bore casing, installation of 1,200 LF of 20” raw water main, replacement of 640 LF of 8” sanitary gravity main, and replacement of 4,500 LF of 16” water main, service connections, and fire hydrants. The project requires extensive maintenance of traffic with flagging operations and detour routes, coordination with FDOT and local businesses/residents, pressure testing and flushing of the new lines, service connections, and coordination for outages for final mainline connections. The project also includes the full roadway reconstruction of Main St. and 1st St.

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