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Contract No.: 1222985

Client: City of Jacksonville

County: Duval

Cost: $35 Million

Reference: Kelsey Cox, Project Manager, 904.255.8931

The Upland project is a public/private partnership between the Downtown Investment Authority, the City, and the Developer for the redevelopment of this 32 Acre Brownsfield Development site. The project consists of new roadways, water, and sewer utility system including a new lift station, underground electrical and communication infrastructure, storm drainage system, lighting, and signage. The project also includes the development of 4 new public parks including a new riverwalk, marsh front park as well as 1255 LF of nature boardwalk and 1650 LF of new overland trails. The CDD Project consists of certain public utilities; stormwater management facilities; new roadways, including portions of the Prudential Drive extension and Broadcast Place realignment, with enhanced sidewalks, enhanced landscaping, bike facilities, and on-street parking; another parking improvement; lighting, and underground electrical infrastructure. Similarly, the CRA Project consists of approximately 1,900’ of new riverfront Seawall and Retaining Wall Replacement; a top of bank extension of the Southbank Riverwalk (approximately 1,900 LF); approximately 1,255 LF of the new boardwalk; approximately 1,650 LF of the new overland trail; parks with approximately 820 LF of river frontage and related amenities; a new water taxi stop; extensions of existing roadways and new roadways with enhanced sidewalks, landscaping, bike facilities, on-street parking and other facilities.

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