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FIN: 213082-5-52-01

Client: Florida Department of Transportation

County: Columbia

Cost: $3 Million

Reference: Tom Crossman, P.E., Project Manager, 386.961.7037

This project was awarded in 2014 and consisted of one mile of milling and resurfacing of nearly 6000 tons of asphalt, roadway widening, asphalt base work, clearing and grubbing, permanent 54” concrete pier protection barrier wall, rigid curb and gutter barrier wall, drilled shafts,  storm drainage improvements, ditch pavement,  curb and gutter, guardrail, traffic signals, highway signing, sidewalks, regular and subsoil excavation, embankment, flowable fill, ditch grading, rubble rip rap ditch lining, rumble strips, permanent crash cushions, mast arms, new loops, permanent signage, pedestrian detectors, overhead static sign structure, bridge mount signage and other incidental construction on US 90 at the I-75 Interchange.

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