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Contract No.: 6354-13

Client: City of Jacksonville

County: Duval

Cost: $40 Million

Reference: Lee Alford, P.E., Project Manager, 904.225.7500

This project included over 300 acres of site grading and clearing as well as construction/installation of drainage system, which included  20,000 LF of drainage canals and excavation of 56 acres of storm water ponds. In addition to construction of 15,000 linear feet of roadway, this project also included the demolition of existing facilities and structures. This project also consisted of approximately 31 acres of a Class I municipal solid waste cell, including subgrade, screened sand subbase, geosynthetic clay liner, secondary geomembrane liner, primary geomembrane liner, in-cell piping, geocomposites, geotextiles, and pipe penetration. VIA was a subconsultant to Meskel & Associates Engineering on this project.

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