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Contract No.: 4015

Client: Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency

County: Leon

Cost: $300k

Reference: Roger Cain, Project Manager, 850.491.8721

This project consisted of drainage improvements for Cascades Park, and the relocation of the Smokey Hollow Barber Shop. Improvements for Cascades Park included new 12” corrugated HDPE – ADS pipe work around an existing retaining wall with seven outfall structures and a mitered end section, new sidewalk and regrading for 147’ of new curb work and the removal of unsuitable material. The project also included new 6” perforated polypropylene pipe and various size rip-rap rubble along the outfall structures and retaining wall. The Smokey Hollow Barber Shop work included site preparation footers, slab, gravity stem wall construction and the relocation for the 280 SF. Smokey Hollow Barber Shop reconstruction.

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