Pensacola Bay Bridge Replacement ​

(FIN: 409334-1-52-01)

I-95 at I-10 Operational Improvements at Fuller Warren Bridge (FIN: 433036-1-52-01)

CR 14A Econfina River Bridge Replacement 

(FIN: 428573-1-52-01)

I-10 at Aucilla River Bridge No.350055 and No 350038 (WB) Cathodic Protection (FIN: 432054-1-52-01)

SR 111 (Casat Ave.) from Blanding Blvd. to Lenox Ave.

(FIN: 436174-1-52-01 & 436174-1-56-01)

SR 5 (I-95) over Nassau River and US-17 over Broward River Bridge Bracing (FIN: 410221-4-52-07)​​​​​​

SR 23 New Road Construction (E. of CR 209 to N. of SR 16)

(FIN: 422938-5-52-01)

​US 301 Rigid Pavement Rehab Phase 2

(FIN: 430352-4-52-01)

SR 111 Signal Update at San Juan 

(FIN: 209565-2-52-01)

SR (I-10) SR 200 (US301) Interchange Operational Improvements (FIN: 428865-1-52-01) 

I-295 (SR 9A) Bridge Painting from SR 228 (Normandy Blvd.) to N. of US 1 (New Kings Road) (FIN: 428491-1-52-01)

​SR 115/ Lem Turner NB at Ribault River Bridge Rehab

(FIN: 428498-1-52-01)

​SR A1A Bridge of Lions Painting 






VIA Consulting Services, Inc.

SR 10A Mathews Bridge Approach 

(FIN: 209616-8-52-01)

SR 113 at SR 10A Arlington Bridge Painting 

(FIN: 430259-1-52-1)

SR 211 Bridge Repair at Fishweir Creek

(FIN: 433912-1-52-01)

SR 10A N. Washington St. Bridge Painting

(FIN: 410221-3-52-01)

I 295 (SR 9A) from SR 202 JTB blvd. to SR 9B (Managed Lanes)

(FIN: 209301-3-52-01)

SR 23 N. of SR 16 N. of SR 21 New Road Construction

(FIN: 422938-6-52-01)

I-10 Interchange at US 90 & SR 23

(FIN: 209659-3-52-01) 

SR 20 Add Lanes and Reconstruct

(FIN: 207818-2-52-01)

SR 201 Baldwin Bypass

(FIN: 209537-4-52-01)

SR 109 ( University Blvd.) Drainage Improvements

​(FIN: 433075-1-52-01)

CR 250 at Suwannee River Bridge 

(FIN: 212724-2-52-01)

I-10 Concrete Rehab at Madison Weigh Station

(FIN: 440310-1-52-01)

CR 361 (Keaton Beach Road) at Cypress Lake Bridge and Fish Creek Bridge (FIN: 212844-3-52-01 & 415248-1-52-01)