​​​​​VIA Consulting Services, Inc.

​​​​​​SR 19 Resurfacing (FDOT Project No. 432265-1-52-01)

Hart Bridge Suspension Cable Repair (FDOT Project No. 431945-1-52-01)

Sisters Creek Bridge (FDOT Project No. 209607-1-52-01)

Blanding Blvd. Widening (FDOT Project No. 208211-7-52-01)

US 17 at Ortega River Bridge (FDOT Project No. 432258-1-52-01) 

New World Ave (COJ Project)

Imeson Park Boulevard (COJ Project)

Daily's Place Amphitheater (COJ Project)

Valens Drive (COJ Project)  

Crystal Springs Drainage (COJ Project) ​​ 

CR 356C Fenholloway River Bridge Replacement (FDOT Project No. 411424-1-52-01)   

ADA Ramp Assessment (COJ Project) 

I-95 Over US 1 MLK Blvd. Bridge (FDOT Project No. 443566-1-52-01) 

​​​Motes Rd. (Putman County Project No. 403855-3-58-01) 

Southside (FDOT Project No. 423407-1-52-01)


MLK (FDOT Project No. 423412-1-52-01)  

Mathews Bridge (FDOT Project No. 209616-3-52-01)  

I-295 (FDOT Project No. 426983-1-52-01)  ​      

SR 200 North (FDOT Project No. 210712-3-52-01

Dunn Ave. (FDOT Project No. 426966-1-52-01)         

US-1 (FDOT Project No. 426964-1-52-01)

Commonwealth (FDOT Project No. 213259-1-52-01)

Dunn Signal (FDOT Project No. 427329-1-52-01)       

Sportsman Club Rd. (FDOT Project No. 432558-1-52-01)         

Main St. Bridge (Sidewalk) (FDOT Project No. 209615-9-52-01)          

Normandy Off Ramp (FDOT Project No. 427204-1-52-01)

Main St. Bridge (Structural Steel) (FDOT Project No. 209615-4-52-01)

I-295 at Dunn Ave Interchange (FDOT Project No. 429751-1-52-01)  

I-295 at Wilson Blvd. Interchange (FDOT Project No. 429751-2-52-01)            

I-295 at Pritchard Rd. Improvements (FDOT Project No. 416953-2-52-01)  

I-10 from SR-121 to SR-228 (FDOT Project No. 429694-1-52-01)

US-1/CR-210 (FDOT Project No. 210420-9-52-01)  

CP SR-111 & SR-115 (FDOT Project No. 430480-1-52-01)         

CP Matanzas River (FDOT Project No. 428229-1-52-01)         

US-17 & SR-115 CP (FDOT Project No. 426169-1-52-01)

SR-15/US-17 Fender (FDOT Project No. 428228-1-52-01)

SR-10A / Mathews Bridge Fender (FDOT Project No. 209541-2-52-01)           

I-95 @ Cedar/Little Cedar Creek CP (FDOT Project No. 426072-1-52-01)  


Hamilton Jersey (COJ Project No. 6355-52) 

Motes Rd. (FDOT Project No. 403855-3-58-01)

Trailridge Landfill

US-1 Resurfacing (FDOT Project No. 428711-1-52-01)

I-10 Rest Area (FDOT Project No. 213004-2-52-01)

Wonderwood Drainage Improvements (FDOT Project No. 428796-2-52-01)

Blanding Blvd. (FDOT Project No. 428698-1-52-01) 

I-75 at US 90 (FDOT Project No. 213082-5-52-01)

SR-200 Resurfacing (FDOT Project No. 430352-2-52-01) 

Baya Avenue (FDOT Project No. 430556-1-52-01)

Buckman Bridge Painting & Concrete (FDOT Project No. 424422-1-52-01)

SR 100 Resurfacing (FDOT Project No. 423427-1-52-01)

CR 361 Shared Use Path (FDOT Project No. 430517-1-52-01)

Hart Bridge Drainage Repair (FDOT Project No. 430158-1-52-01) 

​Bunche Drive Drainage (COJ Project) 

SR 20 Resurfacing (SW San Pedro Ave to Suwannee C/L) (FDOT Project No. 428696-1-52-01)  

​SR 25 (US 41) over Wilson Street (FDOT Project No. 208389-4-52-01) 

​SR-243 JIA North Access Rd (FDOT Project No. 209399-6-52-01) 

​​US-90 Beaver Street (FDOT Project No. 428701-1-52-01)  

US-1 from Broward Blvd to NE 17th Way (FDOT Project No. 428726-1-52-01)  

Everbank Stadium Renovations (COJ Project)​​​

St. James Building Entrance Upgrades (COJ Project) 

​I-295 Auxiliary Lanes (FDOT Project No. 213259-1-52-01) 

​​Tower Cloud (Multi-Permit)